Back to Nature, Puerto Narixa

Puerto Narixa is much more than a new-build real estate development in the province of Malaga – it’s a whole new community that’s been carefully planned to offer you a better quality of life.

Overlooking the Mediterranean, at its heart are over 600,000 m2 of green space in which high-quality homes are set, designed with strict environmentally sustainable conditions in mind. It’s the perfect base from which to enjoy an exceptional range of culture, cuisine, leisure and sport.

You could start your day on the slopes at Europe’s sunniest ski resort and finish it on an idyllic beach.

Puerto Narixa is set to become a model community, where privacy, tranquillity and respect for the environment are its core values.

A new version of Real Estate, a new version of YOU.

Homes on the Costa del Sol with green charm

We’re strongly committed to nature and the environment, which means we work hard to reduce the ecological impact of our homes, while looking to maximise the comfort and well-being of those who live in them.

We build sustainable homes and these are Breeam certified, following a detailed inspection covering 10 categories, (Management, Health and Well-Being, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Land Use and Ecology, Pollution, Innovation).

Breeam has been leader in this field for over 20 years.

Much more than homes in Malaga province

Our community gardens let your imagination run wild

Puerto Narixa is quite different and special. It’s a community where people experience and enjoy their leisure time together.

You’ll have your own space to develop your creativity tending your own garden, sharing experiences with other garden lovers or simply contemplating the beauty around you.

Be owner of a vineyard

They’ll be an area of vines with some 900 plants. Here, you’ll get to know the art of grape cultivation, enjoy the experience of the harvest and even help make the wine afterwards. They’ll also be many activities to learn from and enjoy.

Your own eco-garden to cultivate

Sharing the experience of growing your own fruit and vegetables, swapping the produce from your land or sharing your knowledge with other residents are some of the things you’ll be able to do in the community gardens we have planned for you.

Paths above the sea

A network of paths stretching around the more than 600,000 m2 of green expanse, the ideal setting for outdoor exercise, whether on foot or by bike. In addition, as part of our species conservation plan, we’ve set aside an area that recreates the natural habitat of the chameleon, a protected species.

The Beach

Feel the privilege of living the sensation of being on the beach on a hill above the Mediterranean Sea, lie in the sun and enjoy elegant and spacious wooden hammocks and chambaos, enjoy a swim in the wonderful pool.

In addition, we plan to create a beach club in the Ferrara Beach, where you can enjoy the sea.

Sport Facilities

Puerto Narixa´s sport facilities will complete an unparalelled offer, where it will be able to practice outdoor sports, do meditation, etc, everything you need for a healthy life

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